RSD Performance is a family ran business. We pride ourselves in providing honest, fast and friendly customer service before, during and after a sale.
We like to think of our customers as extended friends of the family and we enjoy taking the time to always say hello when out and about.
It is our goal to give you the best online shopping experience. There are many places to choose from these days but we are 100% sure we can provide you with the best service on the net.
Below is our stand on MAP pricing:
Almost all manufacturers specify a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP). The products you see on eBay and on some websites may be cheaper, but the dealers that sell the products at that price have chosen to violate the manufacturer's policies. If they're willing to do that to the people that supply them products to sell, how honest will they be in other areas of their business? How will they treat you when there is a problem?
How can they return merchandise to a manufacturer when they have decided to violate policy that most others follow? Internet commerce relies on trust between the merchant and the customer. You send your money to someone you cannot see for a product you cannot touch in the hopes that what they have on their website or auction is accurate and true and that the person on the other end is reputable and honest.
Rollin Smoke Diesel will price products at the MAP in compliance with all manufacturer policies. This not only means that you are getting the lowest allowable price on your item, but you are buying from someone you can trust and the manufacturers can trust. Having a good relationship with the manufacturers' means they will be willing to help when a problem arises.